Editing and Story Consulting

All writers need feedback.

Some say they want it when all they really want is encouragement, and some crave it like a metaphor craves context... but all writers need it.

Feedback is that rush of excitement you feel when you kick your story out of the nest for the first time to see if it flies. It lets you know when you’re reaching your audience, and in what way.

Feedback is essential.

I will give you feedback.

I will read your comic script, your screenplay, your short story, your novel, and I will give you a full, in-depth critique.

I’ll look at your structure, your characters, your themes, your plot, and your pacing.

I will bring glaring grammatical errors to your attention, but my focus will be the story; what your story is, what you want it to be, and what might help you get it there.

This stuff is important to me.

I've spent over 20 years consuming and creating stories, studying how they are told, figuring out why they did or didn’t work, and being annoyed with every critic or editor too quick to marginalize the uniquely personal endeavor of the writer.

Because of this, I approach editing from a place of empathy. My critiques are comprehensive and tailored specifically to your project -- I will never provide a prefabbed list of generic advice. Every story is the person who wrote it, so expect me to show yours the care and attention of a good therapist.

I want to help you tell the best story possible.

You can afford me.

I charge by the hour, or a flat rate based on story length and medium, and my fees are negotiable (I'm a writer too; I know how it goes). Send me an email for a free consultation and we'll take it from there.

Below, you'll find a list of writers I've helped, as well as a sample of what I can offer.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to helping you!

People I've Helped:

"Joey has a unique knack for digging deep into the material to see not only what I want the reader to experience, but being an excellent writer himself, also what I was intending to get across and helps me fully flesh those concepts out. It's his sharp attention to detail and professional demeanor that made his work for me a huge asset."
- Skipper Martin
Writer/Creator of "Bizarre New World"

"Joey Cruz's creative insight and inspiring attitude are quite simply invaluable. His script comments have often opened the door to an entirely new aspect of a story I hadn't realized existed, and his upbeat attitude will keep you pushing forward when you're struggling for the finish line. Joey never works against the story you're trying to tell-- instead he works with you to help sculpt the best possible version of your vision. In the writers toolbox, Joey Cruz is your sonic screwdriver."
- Tim Simmons
Writer/Creator of "Spy6Teen"

"If you're looking for a well thought out and honest critique of your work, then look no further than Joey Cruz. His feedback is insightful, and strengthened not only my work but my work ethic. He knows what makes a good story tick and points out your flaws without the slightest hint of arrogance."
- Nick Chervenak
Comic Writer

"Joey Cruz offers clear, precise critiques and suggestions. He zeroes in on your goals and helps you achieve them. Most importantly, he has a strong sense of both the micro and the macro: the way words and images affect the panel, the panel affects the page, the page affects the story; the relationship between character and story; how pacing, rhythm, and flow create emotion. Joey has one goal, to make your work better, and he achieves it."

"Asking Joey for feedback on a chapter of my Gatherers online novel turned out to be quite the useful idea. His comments were insightful. He revealed several problems I didn't even know I had, by pointing out where I overcompensated for known weaknesses (or trying too hard on the show-don't-tell rule, thereby making the reader work too hard to understand some things), making it clear that I don't need to be as tense about tenses as I am, and that I shouldn't be too afraid of exposition. His analysis is exhaustive and well thought through, definitely helpful and worth contemplating.

"Joey has the amazing ability to help you decide what your voice is and what the work says in the way you want to say it. He's an amazingly talented editor, a great writer and a jewish haberdasher. I wouldn't have seen publication without him."
- Benel Germosen