Serial Novel

a contemporary fantasy from

Heir to a legacy he never imagined, hunted by an enemy he cannot see, one boy’s only hope for survival rests in the hands of a powerless wizard, and the blades of a master assassin.


Brian Donovan never knew his real parents. He’s never seen his true home. He leads the life of an ordinary New York teen; riding subways to and from school, exploring worlds of fantasy through books and art, and trying to muster up enough courage to talk to that one girl…

When a random act of violence brings that reality crashing down around him, the veil is lifted and Brian’s true destiny is revealed. Now on the run from an otherworldly threat, Brian must endure physical, emotional, and psychological trials as he uncovers the secrets kept from him his entire life.

For in this new world of danger and magic, sacrifice is only the beginning.

Short Fiction
Dialogue 500 Co-Winner
2nd Place, Short Fiction Contest
Dialogue 500 Co-Winner

Flash Fiction