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A webcomic by Michelle Nguyen and Joey Cruz

Welcome to Joey Cruz's online writing portfolio!

Born to a family of singers, dancers, artists, and entertainers, Joey has been telling stories in some way, shape, or form for as long as he can remember. His earliest (and proudest) writing accomplishment was when his fourth grade teacher rejected a homework assignment because she didn't believe he'd written it himself.

Oh, how they doubted him.

But with the power of the internet at his fingertips, world domination was within his grasp! All he needed now were MINIONS! Minions to carry out his nefa-ah-um... oh.


So, now Joey is a writer. Comics, prose, articles, reviews... hell, even audio-dramas. He won't discriminate. His passion is storytelling, and he will leap at each and every opportunity to do so.

Just ask him!